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This Accessory Makes Cooking Chicken A Breeze

This Accessory Makes Cooking Chicken A Breeze

There is a fun new way to cook chicken on the bar-b-que. While the idea itself isn’t new, it hasn’t had the widespread popularity is deserves until the recently invented stainless steel Beer Can Chicken Rack. This amazing little chicken-cooking accessory is not only fun to use but makes an excellent conversation piece when you invite people over for a summer bar-b-que.

Now There Is A Way To Cook A Chicken

The Beer Can Chicken Rack cooks chicken in an upright position, standing on the grill of your bar-b-que. The most popular way to use the Beer Can Chicken Rack is to put a half filled beer in the circular neck of the rack. Rather than using beer, it is possible to modify the taste of the chicken by using lemon-lime soda, root beer or a cola product. Each of the liquids will affect the end result of the chicken so you might choose to buy more that one Beer Can Chicken Rack and cook a plethora of chicken with a different flavor of soda in each one.

Preparing The Chicken For Cooking Is Done In The Traditional Manner

When using the Beer Can Chicken Rack to cook chicken, it is important to follow the guidelines that are provided on the cooking label. A 3 ½ – 4 pound chicken is about as large a bird as you want to use, this prevents the bird from toppling over during the cooking process.

Preparing the chicken for cooking is not limited to the canned beverage. As with any roasting bird, it is important to clean the bird thoroughly, removing any additional chicken parts such as the giblets from the cavity of the bird. Wash the bird with water, making sure to rinse the cavity very well. Once it has been cleaned, pat dry and rub the interior of the bird with a combination of salt and pepper.

If your preference is to apply a roasting rub to the chicken, do so prior to placing in on the Beer Can Chicken Rack. There are a variety of bar-b-que rubs on the commercial market or you can make your own. Once the rub has been applied, place the chicken upon the Beer Can Chicken Rack.

The next step is an important one; you must put a half filled beer or other canned beverage in the interior of the Beer Can Chicken Rack. Keep in mind that the chicken should be sitting on the Beer Can Chicken Rack, inside the cavity of the chicken. While this step is not a difficult one, it is fundamental to properly cooking the chicken using the Beer Can Chicken Rack. Now, the most important decision of the entire Beer Can Chicken Rack cooking experience is deciding what to do with the other half of the beer. I know what I would do.