Crockpot Cooking: Pros and Cons

Crockpot Cooking: Pros and Cons

The slow cooker is a both convenient and easy to use cooking appliance. The time saving crockpot cooker will help prepare sumptuous and delicious meals.

Minor Drawbacks

Crockpot cooking has many advantages though there are a few features to it that are not so good. For example crockpot cooking is not suitable when you want to prepare a fish dish. Slow cooking is more conducive to stews and chowders.

Crockpot cooking may result in a watery or diluted meal since the steam cannot easily escape while cooking. It is also possible to overcook your dish; more so, in the case of poultry as well as tender meats.

From Tough to Tender

Crockpot cooking is wonderful for making your tough cuts of meat super tender. You will marvel at the stews that you can cook. The best thing about crockpot cooking is that you don’t have to be in the kitchen all the time. You never end up burning your food if it stays on a little longer.

Always Be Careful

Crockpot cooks must still take a few precautions to cook better and safer. Make sure that everything is very clean including the cooker, utensils as well as work area.

Handle ingredients in a safe and careful manner. Defrost meats as well as poultry ahead of placing them in the crockpot. Cut your food into small chunks to ensure that you food is cooked in a thorough manner. Always leave the lid on, as opening may extend your cooking time by twenty minutes or more.