Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

Most experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the name suggests, you are breaking your fast, or period when you have not been eating. Some people eat at around 6 or 7 pm in the evening and get up about 12 hours later. Skipping breakfast would mean running on an empty fuel tank. Eating […]

This Accessory Makes Cooking Chicken A Breeze

There is a fun new way to cook chicken on the bar-b-que. While the idea itself isn’t new, it hasn’t had the widespread popularity is deserves until the recently invented stainless steel Beer Can Chicken Rack. This amazing little chicken-cooking accessory is not only fun to use but makes an excellent conversation piece when you invite people over for a […]

Cooking Equipment Helps All Cooks

Some cooks do not even look at a cookbook, and they make wonderful meals for a couple or a couple of hundred. These cooks appreciate good cooking equipment because this makes their jobs easier. There are many different pieces of cooking equipment that provide for the preparation of many different dishes. The cooking equipment in a chef’s kitchen might consist […]

Basic Cooking Techniques You Should Know

Basic cooking techniques are very important to learn and will increase your overall enjoyment of cooking. Cooking Techniques Are Universal In The World Of Fine Cuisine Basic cooking techniques have specific names that are universal among cookbook authors, cooking schools and chefs. Learning these basic cooking methods and techniques are integral to successfully learning to cook. A Definition Of Basic […]

Quick and Healthy Sandwich Ideas

If you and your family tend to brown bag it for lunch every day, you probably feel stuck sometimes as to what to serve. No one wants to eat the same old things all the time. A couple of simple twists can add all-new excitement to your sandwiches, so you can be sure your children will look forward to them […]

Cooking On A Budget Can Be Fun

Although cooking on a budget seems like it wouldn’t be fun, there are ways to make it work and save money. You may not look forward to cooking on a budget but the truth is, there are several ways to make cooking on a budget, practical and fun. Cook and Freeze Cook large portions and divide the dish to smaller […]

Modern Hot Plates

The hot plate has been in existence for nearly 100 years, and the basic design is still very much the same as when the first hot plates hit the consumer market in the 1920s. However, thanks to modern technology, today’s hot plates are much safer, more versatile, and more efficient than their predecessors. With the number of hot plates on […]

Space Saving Dish Racks

Over-the-sink dish racks are a great way to alleviate dish washing anxiety! While they may not hold all of your dishes, they are great for small spaces. If you are looking for an over-the-sink dish rack, here are some things to look for: The most important feature of an over-the-sink dish rack is the drainage tray. This tray is what […]

Top 5 Essentials for Small Kitchens

Before you start cooking, it’s really important to make sure your kitchen is stocked with the right tools. In fact, some chefs even say that the quality of your food depends on the quality of your tools. Your kitchen is only as good as the tools and appliances you have in it. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune […]